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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Peacock Decor - from pencil shavings

Activity for kids

It's better to indulge in creativity than sitting idle or being glued to the various sizes of screens.

With this activity, let the kids experience the joys of creative fun. It involves the use of pencil shavings and glitter. Sharpening a pencil is something that every child loves and glitter too is no less attractive!

We can make flowers out of it, but here we will try to make a beautiful peacock.

Things required are -

1. Craft paper
2. Some pencil shavings
3. Glitter Glue
4. Glitter pens
5. Pencil
6. Regular Glue
 So, we need to gather some pencil shavings and keep them aside. Then take the craft paper and draw the outline of a Peacock leaving some margin on all sides, like this

I have taken a dark paper so I will highlight it with silver glitter pen
 Then stick the colourful pencil shavings on the sides. Be careful as they break easily.
 Paste them all together like this
Apply some blue glitter glue on the peacock
Add some red glitter glue on the crown
Use some golden and green glitter glue on the feathers, like this
Let it dry for sometime. Then use the glitter pen to highlight the outlines
Put it in a frame and decorate

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