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Sunday, 8 November 2020

Easy DIY Sheep Planter


This is an easy fun activity for kids.

For this we require:

 1. Old planter (Small)

2. Fevicryl Mouldit

3. Glue (I have used Fevicryl fabric glue because it is thicker)

4. Paint ( I have used Chalk Paint)

5. Brush for painting

6. Some clay modeling tools (optional)

So, first we need to clean the old planter and make the outer surface smooth.

Then take the Fevicryl mouldit and mix together the two separate packs to form a uniform dough. Do check the instructions given on the box regarding the process. Just take 2 packs at a time as it tends to harden quickly.

Take this dough and spread it evenly on the surface of the planter like this,

I have used the normal clay roller to even out the surface and give it a glossy texture.

Roll out an oval shape and stick it on one side to make the tail.

Then take another oval piece, slightly bigger and paste it on the opposite side to make the face. Also roll 3 small thinner pieces to make the hair on top of the head.

Make 2 small circles and stick them as eyes. Also make 2 leaf shaped ears and stick them on the side of the head. Make the nose by pinching two holes below the eyes.

Now roll out thin strands to make the wool and stick them on the body using the glue.

Let's colour it now. 

My daughter wanted to colour it purple and highlighted the eyes with white and black.

And the beautiful sheep planter is ready!

Chalk paint can be used on different surfaces like clay and wood. It is available online on Amazon.





Sunday, 27 September 2020

Simple Paper Wall Decor


It's great to learn new things and do it ourselves especially when they turn out really beautiful! Today I am making a wall decor from paper. It can be made using old newspaper or any unused paper as well. Hence, we can safely call it best out of waste.

Things needed:

1. Some news paper or used A4 sheets

2. Some paper flowers or artificial flowers

3. Flower making wire

4. A pair of scissors

5. Glue

6. Craft Paper/Handmade Paper for background

7. Sketch pens / Water colour pens

So gather all this and, sit down comfortably and let's begin! :D

Cut out strips from the A4 sheets and roll them from one end to make pipes.

How to make Paper sticks.

Let's colour those paper sticks.

Take the background paper and stick it on a piece of cardboard. Glue these paper sticks on the sides as the border.

Cut off the edges of the paper sticks to give an even look.

Take some more paper sticks and insert the flower making wire and then bend it in shape as shown in the pic. Measure and cut off the extra part. Stick it on the background like this -

Now take some paper flowers and arrange them on the stems.

Easy paper flowers ideas.

Cut out some leaves from the green craft paper and stick them too.

You can add a thread at the back for hanging or decorate on a wall shelf.

And the 3D wall decor is ready!

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Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Fly Swatter Game - DIY paper craft

A simple game and takes very little time to prepare :D

To make this, we need,
1. A few wicks (long)
2. Colourful craft paper
3. Stickers or printed pics of bee, housefly, mosquito & fly swatter
4. Glue
5. A pair of scissors

First step is to cut the craft paper into broad strips and roll it on the wick to make it attractive

Now stick the cut outs of bee, mosquito, housefly and the swatter on separate of the sticks

Each player can choose a stick and the one in the den will gain points by using the swatter to hit the insects.

Minus points for hitting the bee.

Hope you enjoy this simple and fun-filled game. Do try it!

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Canvas and brushes - 2

Presenting some of my latest paintings

1. Road to destiny - That's what I like to call it

A scenery with a road. That's a first one I have tried as a beginner and has a few technical aspects. It mostly involves perspective and didn't take much time to complete. This one goes well with a grey or a blue background. 10" X 12" canvas

Before framing
 And after being Framed!

2. Wine Galsses - Object painting

I have never been good at object painting and had always found it rather boring. Tried painting glass, metal and wooden objects for the first time and it did come out quite well! So am encouraged to do more of such subjects. 10" X 12" canvas

3. Sunrise in the mountains

Just felt like revisiting my younger days when I used to paint a lot of sceneries.
Mountains and a flower valley - An easy painting. The more details you add, the better it looks. But one should know when to stop and mark it finished :D

This one is a bigger canvas.

4. Butterfly in the wild - Still life painting

This is also a unique subject I chose to paint. Just a camouflaged backdrop with a few twigs and buds in focus and of course the main subject - butterfly. 12" X 10" canvas

Butterflies are wonders of nature. Where ever they exist, be assured the air is pure and the surroundings are still unpolluted.


Easy Acrylic painting ideas for beginners

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Madhubani Art - Mithila paintings

This genre of Indian painting is practiced by the women of Mithila region in Bihar. Madhubani is a small village in Bihar which is famous for this art form. It is a classic art.

It is believed that in ancient time, these beautiful and vibrant paintings were used to decorate the entire region to welcome Lord Ram's Barat !
Originally these were organic paintings, made from twigs and fingers and organic or natural colours. Bright geometrical patterns on subjects based on Ram-Sita marriage and other daily activities are made on silk or handmade paper without using any measurement devices. But now a days, people use pens and different types of paints to make these paintings.
Basic patterns are Ram-Sita varmala, women involved in everyday routine like cooking or grinding spices or selling. Animals like fish, elephant, peacock, plants, banana leaves, flowers etc. also form a part of these designs.
A dancing peacock
My daughter filled in most of the colours as she loved the pattern! :-D

The beautiful bond of mother and daughter.
 Fish seller lady
Kalpavriksh - The divine tree of Hindu belief
Other geometrical patterns and animals like Elephant, banana leaves, mortar and pestle (an integral part of every household in India) too are depicted in this captivating art form.

The entire sheet or cloth (walls/canvases and otherwise) is covered with patterns of brightly coloured objects and events of everyday life.

The borders form an integral part of the art piece. It defines the painting and the artistic bend of mind of the maker.

Apart from this, Goddess Durga. Yashoda and Krishna, Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati too are painted with dedication. The Sun is source of energy which is worshiped and is also a major part of the paintings. This is the way Sun God is depicted in these paintings. 

Learn more about Madhubani here.

Buy Madhubani paintings online on