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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Canvas and brushes - 2

Presenting some of my latest paintings

1. Road to destiny - That's what I like to call it

A scenery with a road. That's a first one I have tried as a beginner and has a few technical aspects. It mostly involves perspective and didn't take much time to complete. This one goes well with a grey or a blue background. 10" X 12" canvas

Before framing
 And after being Framed!

2. Wine Galsses - Object painting

I have never been good at object painting and had always found it rather boring. Tried painting glass, metal and wooden objects for the first time and it did come out quite well! So am encouraged to do more of such subjects. 10" X 12" canvas

3. Sunrise in the mountains

Just felt like revisiting my younger days when I used to paint a lot of sceneries.
Mountains and a flower valley - An easy painting. The more details you add, the better it looks. But one should know when to stop and mark it finished :D

This one is a bigger canvas.

4. Butterfly in the wild - Still life painting

This is also a unique subject I chose to paint. Just a camouflaged backdrop with a few twigs and buds in focus and of course the main subject - butterfly. 12" X 10" canvas

Butterflies are wonders of nature. Where ever they exist, be assured the air is pure and the surroundings are still unpolluted.


Easy Acrylic painting ideas for beginners

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Madhubani Art - Mithila paintings

This genre of Indian painting is practiced by the women of Mithila region in Bihar. Madhubani is a small village in Bihar which is famous for this art form. It is a classic art.

It is believed that in ancient time, these beautiful and vibrant paintings were used to decorate the entire region to welcome Lord Ram's Barat !
Originally these were organic paintings, made from twigs and fingers and organic or natural colours. Bright geometrical patterns on subjects based on Ram-Sita marriage and other daily activities are made on silk or handmade paper without using any measurement devices. But now a days, people use pens and different types of paints to make these paintings.
Basic patterns are Ram-Sita varmala, women involved in everyday routine like cooking or grinding spices or selling. Animals like fish, elephant, peacock, plants, banana leaves, flowers etc. also form a part of these designs.
A dancing peacock
My daughter filled in most of the colours as she loved the pattern! :-D

The beautiful bond of mother and daughter.
 Fish seller lady
Kalpavriksh - The divine tree of Hindu belief
Other geometrical patterns and animals like Elephant, banana leaves, mortar and pestle (an integral part of every household in India) too are depicted in this captivating art form.

The entire sheet or cloth (walls/canvases and otherwise) is covered with patterns of brightly coloured objects and events of everyday life.

The borders form an integral part of the art piece. It defines the painting and the artistic bend of mind of the maker.

Apart from this, Goddess Durga. Yashoda and Krishna, Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati too are painted with dedication. The Sun is source of energy which is worshiped and is also a major part of the paintings. This is the way Sun God is depicted in these paintings. 

Learn more about Madhubani here.

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Friday, 6 March 2020

DIY - Easy way to make a Simple Face mask at home

DIY - How to make a simple face mask at home

With the spread of highly communicable COVID-19 (or the corona virus) in recent times, procuring a mask has become quite difficult. These simple and easy steps will help you make a re-usable face mask at home without much hassle.

Things needed :

1. A cotton handerkchief
2. Needle and thread
3. A pair of scissors
4. Elastic band

Spread out the the handkerchief or any piece of soft cotton cloth which is the size of the handkerchief. Make sure that you clean it with detergent before starting off.
Fold it in half to mark the center crease and re-open.
Now start folding from one side till you reach the center crease, as shown below
Make the same kind of alternate folds on both sides
Stitch the open ends on either sides to make the folds stay in place.
Now cut two pieces of elastic band. To get the measurement of the band, place the mask on the nose bridge and flatten on the cheekbones. See where it reaches on the cheeks and measure the band from that point. Take the elastic band around the back of you ear till you reach the other end of the mask.
Stitch the elastic band on the mask as shown in the pic
Repeat the same process on the other side as well.
Fold the ends if you like, for a neat finish. The home made face mask is ready for use.
 Spread to open and cover the nose till chin.
Also, don't forget to sanitize the mask with any anti-septic liquid.

In order to make the mask waterproof, rub some wax on it.

Stay alert. Stay safe. Stay Healthy!

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Paper Doll

This adorable doll can be easily made by using the empty kitchen towel roll and some scraps of wrapping paper and craft paper. So let's begin by gathering the required materials
1. Used kitchen towel roll
2. Scraps of gift wrapping paper and some craft paper
3. Sketch pens (pink, black)
4. A pair of scissors
5. Craft glue
6. Some flower stickers (optional)

First let's take the cardboard roll and wrap it with a light coloured craft paper.
 Use the craft glue to secure the paper.
Then take the wrapping paper piece and measure around the roll.
Cut 1cm strips from one end 3/4th way up the sheet as shown. Make sure you don't cut all the way. Once done, roll the ends slightly using a sketch pen to give a curly look. The skirt is ready.
Stick this skirt around the roll.
 Cut out the excessive paper if any.
Now I have taken 2 brown pieces of paper to make the hair, one small and the other slightly bigger.
On the small piece draw the outline of the front part using a sketch pen, as shown below and cut it in shape. Cut strips in the bigger piece of paper.
Stick the smaller piece first and then the back piece accordingly. Cut out the excess paper if needed.
 It will look like this when done.
Take another small scrap of craft paper matching or contrasting with the skirt's design and cut it as shown to make the bodice.
Glue it to the body of the doll.
Let's use the black sketch pen to make the eyes, eyebrows and lips.
Put a flower sticker on the hair to finish the look!
Isn't it amazingly cute!

Here's few more

 This one is my favourite! Dark is beautiful :)

Some more easy paper dolls.

Doll made from plastic bottle.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Easy DIY Barbie Frock ideas

Barbie is now a part of every little lady's play routine. They love playing with her and also dress her up. But not many Barbie dresses are easily available in the toy shops or for that matter in the online stores as well. Whatever is available either doesn't fit or the quality is not up to the mark!

Hence I decided to sew some hassle free dress designs with left over scraps of cloth and laces. And the result was quite delightful for my daughter and for me as well :)

Thought of sharing them with you too -

1. Pink and white sleeveless dress.

Stitch it up with some leftover laces and add some net ruffles for a stylish look. Tuck it in near the waist line.
 Pair it with white sneakers.

2. Blue and White frilled dress

This dress can be made easily from left over scraps of cloth. It's a loose fitting frock so doesn't require much attention to measurement details.
 I had some blue and white pieces left so I made this one.
 No laces, just the frills.
 It gives a cool summer look.

3. Gathered Polka dots dress

 This dress is not only easy to stitch but also looks really elegant!
It's a simple gathered dress with a lace to enhance the style quotient.

4. Asymmetrical red and yellow dress

I have added a yellow triangular patch with a couple of star buttons to complete the look.
 And a matching handbag to pair with.

5. An off-shoulder Party Gown

This one is a simple off-shoulder mono-chrome gathered party wear. Even the dolls like to party sometimes :)
 I have added some sequins using the fabric glue to finish the glam look.
 And in addition there is a small matching purse to complement the outfit.
The necklace is made from some left over bead chain.

It's always a good idea to use self adhesive velcro patches instead of sewing buttons as I have done here. It reduces a lot of time and stress.

Hope you enjoyed the looks and ready to try out some! :)
You can get the shoes, handbags and other accessories from Amazon.

Tried to make one gown for Stacy as well