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Friday, 20 September 2019

DIY - Paper Pouches

In view of doing one's bit towards conserving the eco-system, using bio-degradable items for daily needs is an excellent idea. In fact my daughter gave me this idea of putting things in a paper bag. So, I said why not? Let's try making one for ourselves.

Things needed :

1. Craft paper (or any paper you can lay your hands on/ old newspaper)
2. Glue
3. Some crepe paper / stickers
4. a pair of scissors
I have taken an A4 sheet.

Step one is to fold the sheet in two parts so that the edges meet and overlap each other slightly. The reason for this is to be able to stick them.
Apply some glue along one edge and stick the other on it
Now fold approx 1/3 part from one end and make a crease. This fold will determine how broad your pouch is. So you can adjust this fold according to your requirement.
Next, fold the corners along the crease to make a triangle. Make a crease along the slated ends and open the folds.
 You can see the triangles at the sides.
Open the main fold and press it down to form two triangles on both sides as shown in the pic.
Fold the upper edge downwards so that it is slightly over the central crease.
Make the second fold in a similar way and apply glue to stick them together.
 The pouch is ready. So lets add some adornments.
Cut some crepe paper according to the width and stick around the paper bag.
We can add a flower or a bow.

Good for replacing those plastic gift wrapping sheets as well. And cheaper than the paper wrapping sheet!

Draw, paint, paste, punch on these adorable paper pouches but re-use and say no to one time use plastic.

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Thursday, 29 August 2019

8 Easy Haldi-Kumkum Wrapping Ideas - DIY Festive Season

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Time to let go of the boring Haldi-Kumkum pouches and replace them with these trendy ones this festive season!

( *Haldi - turmeric and Kumkum - A red powder, made from saffron or turmeric, used ceremonially by Hindus to make various markings on the body, especially the forehead)

It is an Indian tradition to share Haldi-Kumkum with each other during a religious festival or after a Pooja (prayer) along with sweets or fruits. To make this tradition a bit more attractive, here are a few ideas which you can use to wrap up the Haldi-Kumkum pouches.

1. Flower wrap (1)

Here I have used both the haldi and the kumkum pouches to make a flower. Then used some green crepe paper to make the leaves.

2. Flower wrap (2)

In this arrangement, I have used crepe paper as petals and used the haldi and kumkum pouches separately to make two flowers. 

3. Bouquet 

This style has the two flowers joined together and bound by some green crepe paper to form a bouquet. 

4. Thali (Plate)

This piece is really easy to make and very attractive too. It requires a small piece of cardboard, some craft thread and few sequins.

5. Handbag

Bind the two square pouches together and use some left over lace and craft thread. Stick some sequins to complete the look. 

6. Basket

Use cardboard or some small cap and stick craft thread around it. Stick some lace on top and put the pouches in.

7. Radha Krishna

This one is my favourite. Stick the pouches on a piece of cardboard. Use some left over piece of lace and sequins on the fan made out of colourful craft paper. Stick it as the dress. 

8. Rose

Use some glitter foam sheet and make a paper rose. Put the Haldi-Kumkum pouches in the center.

Wish everyone a happy festive season! Thanks for visiting.




Thursday, 8 August 2019

Easy Floral Photo Frame - DIY

Lovely and super easy to make, this photo frame activity will turn out to be very enjoyable for the kids!

Things we need -
1. A small cardboard piece
2. Black paper (If you don't have one then just paint a paper black)
3. Some colourful craft paper
4. A pair of scissors
5. Craft Glue

And of course, a photograph of your choice :)

First step is to cut the cardboard piece to the size you like. Here I have taken 10"X7.5"

Then cut two pieces of black paper of the cardboard's size. Stick one piece on the cardboard and keep it aside.

Cut out the size of the photo from one of the black papers. Make sure that the cut-out is slightly smaller than the photo you are going to use. For example, I am going to use 5"X3.5" photograph, so I will cut out slightly smaller rectangle.
Now stick this piece on top of the carboard but make sure that you leave the top part open so that we can insert the photo.

Cut out some strips from the coloured craft paper like this,
Stick darker shade with the lighter one and make broad strips. Paste these strips to form the border of the frame.
Cut out some circles from the craft paper to make the flowers and some leaves from the green sheet.
To make the flower, fold the circle twice like this,
Cut along the edge as I have and open the folds.
Make a slit till center and roll.

Make some more flowers in the same way and cut some wavy green strips to make the stems.
Let's stick it on the frame like this.
 Insert the photo when done :) And enjoy the effect!