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Friday, 5 July 2019

Tissue Decoupage - Reusing old Bottle

Tissue decoupage is an old French art of pasting a paper cutting on objects like bottles, flower pots, wood and make them look like they are painted. It is a great way of engaging kids and making some art while having fun! Through this art we can teach them how to convert a waste piece of object into an excellet piece of art.

For this we need -

1. Old bottle
2. Some printed paper napkins
3. Glue
4. A pair of scissors
5. Old paint brush
6. Some scraps of ribbon or decorative flowers or buttons

Clean the bottle and keep it aside.

Pour glue in a bowl and mix one part water with 3 parts of glue

Cut small pieces of paper napkin

Apply the glue mixture on the bottle and paste the pieces of paper napkin one by one

Leave it to dry

Add embellishments

Excellent to use as home decor or for gifting purpose :)

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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Simple Summer Frocks

Summer time not only calls for summer fun but also some summer fashion.Here are a few simple frocks that your little one can enjoy flauting in summer.

1. Sleeveless Gathered dress with Frill on the neckline.

This one is made from printed cotton fabric with frill on the neckline and back laces. A show button or a fabric flower can be used to enhance the look.

2. Gathered Chiffon Frock

This is a light weight gathered chiffon frock without embellishments and is good for parties. Pastel hues and floral prints will go great with this design. A fabric bow can enhance the look.

3. A-Line Frock with frill and lace

This one is a plain A-line sleeveless design with simple gathered frill at the bottom and contrasting lace to complete the look.

4. A-Line frock with Patchwork

This is a plain round neck A-line cotton frock with floral pathwork at the hemline.

5. Sleeveless Umbrella Frock
Umbrella frocks are all time favourites. In this design I have not cut a round shape at the bottom which gives it a hippy look. Choose bright and bold prints for this design.

6. Simple frill sleeve Top paired with Leggings
This is a loose fitting top with 3/4th sleeves with frills and lace. I have used combed cotton fabric to give it a fluid look.

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Bell Sleeves

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Flower Vase from Old Bottle


I was just cleaning up the house and clearing out the clutter when I tumbled upon some old glass bottles. Why not use it to make something crafty? So I decided to try making a vase and here is how it turned out.

Things I used -

1. An old bottle
2. Some jute rope
3. Acrylic paint & Brush
4. Sequins
5. Glue
Apply glue on the bottom edge of the bottle and stick the jute rope.
Keep on applying glue and roll the rope on it.
Take three 5" long jute tassles and pleat them. Stick them on the bottle like this,

I have also put some circles around the top and in the arches. Cut the excess rope.
Add some sequins.
Add some colour.
So here's our beautiful flower vase ready :)

Watch the Video here : Bottle Vase

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Mini Swing

Kids love miniatures of everything that they see in the world around them, be it dolls, cars, cup plates, even a mini house. These mini things appeal to them more as they feel it's perfect with respect to their size! So I thought lets try and make this version of a mini swing for the dolls to enjoy :)
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Things required:-

1. Empty cornflakes box (or any rectangular box)
2. Another smaller box or biscuit box
3. Some craft paper sheets
4. Craft thread
5. A pair of scissors
6. A piece of cloth
7. Glue

  First let's wrap the big box with a craft paper of your choice.
Take the smaller box and cut it into a chair like shape, like this

Punch two holes on the upper side of both the armrests.
Now we need to make five paper sticks for the supporting structure. And two small ones.
Glue two of them on either edges of the box to form a triangle shape.
To make this structure steady add another small paper stick in the middle to for an "A" shape.
Fix a small rectangular piece of paper on top of the triangle and let the glue dry for sometime.
Let's measure the height of this "A" shaped support structure and cut two pieces of the craft thread just short of this height. Take the swing seat and insert one end of the craft thread in the hole we made earlier and tie a knot. Insert the other end in the 2nd hole on the same armrest. Do this on both sides.
Now let's take the 5th paper stick and insert the thread loops in it. Glue it on top of the "A" structure, like this,
 Take the piece of cloth and measure the seat and cut. Stick it on the swing to make it look pretty.
The swing is ready! And now, it's time for the dolls to try it out!
Now this look is making me want to become a child again and play with the dolls too!
Friends Forever

Friday, 5 April 2019

Season's Greetings (2) - Summer Holidays

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Summer Holiday's are fun! But the last day of school and the emotion of parting ways with friends for a long time is a bit difficult to deal with. We followed a tradition of wishing each other happy holidays through tiny greeting cards made from the pages of our rough notebooks. Things are so different in this new age but the underlying bond of friendship is still the same.

I wanted to see how my daughter and her friends would react on getting a handmade "happy holidays' card. And to my surprise my daughter was eagerly open to implementing this idea!

Things we used:

1. Colourful crafts paper
2. Sketch pens
3. Glue
4. A pair of scissors
Take a craft paper of your choice and cut a rectangular piece of  3" X 8" and another slightly smaller piece of a different colour.
Stick the smaller piece on the bigger one.
Fold on both the sides.
I have glued some flowers I cut out from an old wrapping paper and added some green too.
Write your lovely message on the inside :)
Here are some more simple ideas!
 A Flower Pot
 All time favourite Hearts

 Tree with some grass
 Girl-Boy faces :)

You can easily get craft paper and supplies from Amazon or Craftgully.