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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Mini Paper Flower

 "It's my teacher's birthday tomorrow! I want to give her something!", chattered away my 6 year old. Now, let's see, what about a bright flower to make her day even brighter? Nothing better than a hand made gift.

Let's get the checklist

1. Some colourful craft paper
2. A few earbuds
3. Pencil
4. A pair of scissors
5. Glue

Alright! So, first cut one of the tips of the earbud to make the stem, like this
Now let's take the craft paper and fold it in half
Fold it in half again to make a smaller square and cut
Cut a one inch wide strip from a contrasting craft paper, like this
We will use these to make the flower
Let's take the one inch strip first, and draw a line roughly through it as a margin
And then make small cuts on the broader side of the line, like this
Keep it aside. Now take the small square paper and fold it in half twice as shown. Fold it again to form a triangle shape
Draw a small curve and cut the shape. Make sure that the folds remain intact.
Cut the tip slightly and open the folds to see the result.
Curve the edges using the scissors or roll it with the pencil to get this look
Add some glue on the uncut end of the strip and roll it on the earbud like this to form a small flower.
Apply some glue at the base and insert this in the flower cut out we made earlier.

Paste it in place firmly and your beautiful flower is ready!

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