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Monday, 25 March 2019

Easy ways to make Bird Bath at home

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Summer is here and it's time to think about those tiny tree hopping winged creatures who look for water expectantly. With the concrete structures cropping up and acquiring their natural hub, I feel,  we should be considerate and provide for them as well.

Making a bird bath is really easy.

Things required -
1. Any old container
2. A planter hanger or jute rope or braided thread

We can also use empty coconut shell and clay pots.

We can easily purchase these hangers online. I got them quite cheap from Amazon.

Secure the hooks around the container and it's ready to be hung on a branch.
I have used a clay bowl which was lying around uselessly in my balcony. I also used some glue to secure the hooks firmly.
 Hang it on a high branch and fill some water in it.
 Old clay pots can be left in a balcony corner as well.
 This one is made from an empty coconut shell.

 If you are lucky, you can also view them stealthily, quenching their thirst and bathing in this sundry weather.
 Here's another one hopping by.

So let's do our bit and co-exist.

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  1. Very essential post.And you are such a considerate and fabulous human being.

    1. Thank you Neeraj ji :) Now the birds have even fixed a time to come for the drink

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you:)
      And yes you are right, it's seriously need of the hour!