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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Funky Play Bracelets

Most of the time we spend buying expensive kids accessories and our sweethearts end up either breaking them up or losing them within a tiny span of time. So, here is an idea that will enable us to reuse and recycle in an economical and easy way! And no one feels bad even if it breaks in an hour :D

Things required to make this absolutely swanky play bracelets for kids, are-

1. Some colourful plain/glitter foam sheets
2. Craft Glue
3. A pair of scissors
4. Empty Kitchen towel roll
5. Craft paper
6. Pencil

Let's get started by cutting out a 1.5" piece from the used up kitchen towel roll.
First mark an outline with a pencil so that the circular piece that we cut has equal width throughout.
Make a slit in this small roll as shown in the pic.
Now take a colourful craft paper and measure it with the bracelet to cut out a piece.
Stick the craft paper on the bracelet like this,
Fold the edges on the sides to make a neat base.
Now take a foam sheet and cut out a flower
We'll make a layered flower, hence I have cut out smaller pieces from different glitter paper and foam sheets.
Just stick them on top of each other to get the layered effect.

Stick the flower on the bracelet prepared earlier.
Let it set for a while.

You can make different shapes and styles as well.

Let the kids have fun with this easy-peasy pretend play DIY toy!!

You can also buy ready to use glitter foam sheet sticker here.

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